What’s an activity that can help women stay strong, feel better, function better and build healthy bones? STRENGTH TRAINING.

Before you say “no thanks” to weights and the myth around “females Bulking”, take some time to challenge your preconceptions and learn about the importance of strength training for women.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had a few ladies ask me why we place such a strong emphasis on strength training, so today I thought I would touch on the importance of this crucial and powerful tool.

Did you know every DECADE after the age of 30 we lose 3-5% muscle mass, from there every YEAR after 50 we lose 1-3% muscle mass. With Females predominately losing more muscle mass per year!! Up to a kg!!

Strong is the new Skinny and being strong as too many benefits not to be doing it- with the scary stat on the top of the page no wonder why more females are incorporating strength training.

The truth about about “females bulking”

Women and weights seem to be advertised on two different spectrums; The vascular, pumped up female bodybuilder who competes on stage or the extremely thin model type who refuses to lift above 2kg as she will bulk up if she does.

Unfortunately neither relate to the real world. The female body builder lives and breathes weight training, training multiple times a day and on an extremely strict nutrition and supplement regime. Her Friday nights are spent prepping food and thinking about her next session. Good for her. However, totally un-relatable to you. The other is the model where her body type is genetically an ectomorph and on a very count.

The truth is that women that want to bulk have to put ALOT of effort with spilt programs and twice a day sessions that requires eating a very specific strict nutrition plan, that is loaded with extra supplementation to help get “bulking” But this does not apply to any of us- we are using weight training as it is the fastest and best way to sculpt your body and help people lose body fat. Combining this with cardio at the right times is also very effective. Tobing, creating better movement, posture, and aesthetics of course.

How does Real Fitness Help?

The core movements in ANY program of ours are FULL BODY, FUNCTIONAL, NATURAL movements. Squats, deadlifts, rows, pull ups, presses, dips. mastering control of your own body, empowering you to be strong both physically and mentally. With any Personal training program you will be doing structured strength training as well as our group classes that combine the two and then you have modified Strongman which again is more focused on these strength movements.

Here are some of the TOP reasons you should be regularly hitting the weights:

1. FASTER metabolism!
Lifting weights regularly promotes the growth of lean mass, which is an integral part of any fat loss journey. In simple terms weight training increase muscle which in turns promotes a higher metabolism as it takes more to fuel muscle than fat. Which means at resting you will be burning more fat than someone who does not weight training regularly.

2. Makes you Insulin Sensitive
This allows you to utilise glucose as a fuel source instead of storing it as fat

3. Increased Bone Density
Regular weight training will help increase bone density. This is particularly important in woman as they are at high risk of osteoporosis as they reach menopause because the body no longer secretes estrogen

4. Improved sleep and quality
Strength training greatly improves sleep quality, aiding in your ability to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake less often during the night.

4. Improves mental health
Weight training has been shown and proven to greatly reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is large part due to the improvements in body image and self esteem but also the empowering feeling that been strong and healthy have.

5. Decrease in health issues
Without the muscle mass and regular strength training this can lead to poor thyroid function, adrenal problems, gut issues and low bone density. Always go for being lean over “skinny”

6. Strength makes everything easier
All of us want to feel strong, determined, and confident in everything we do: from opening that jar to moving heavy furniture or even making one trip with the groceries. Regular weight training will assist you in getting strong to really maximise your day to day life. Lifting gives you the choice to do things on your own rather than waiting for someone to help.

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