Strength training is an essential component of any training regime. If it isn’t, it should be!

A lot of the time, strength training is pushed to the side due to not wanting to get ‘big and bulky’ but strength training has so many more benefits! Strength training should be a part of every program based your specific strength level overall goals. You don’t have to keep up with other people at the gym, you should be using a weight that you can move safely.

The benefits of strength training are numerous! They include:

Strength training is a valuable tool to be used in the improvement of someone’s health. It is essential that it is included in any program as there is always ways to modify strength training based on a person’s specific needs. Whether you complete your weight training with a trainer or in a class, it’s always beneficial.
If you are interested in coming to a strength class, we run a Strongman on Saturdays at 8am and a Pure Strength class on Sundays at 8am! They are both fantastic ways to get some strength in to your regime while in a group setting.

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