Why choose animal flow? Why not? There are so many different movement patterns involved in this creative new way to move and the impressive thing about it is that it is all bodyweight. Guaranteed to give you a sweat up and not only your body a great workout but your mind as well.

So what exactly is animal flow? Good question. Animal flow is an innovative fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground based movements combined with elements from various bodyweight training disciplines to create a fun, challenging and fluid style of exercise. There are six main components of animal flow they include;

Wrist Mobilisations includes a range of simple exercises designed to increase the flexibility and strength of our wrists, which is particularly important for any practice where you are spending a lot of time on your hands. This assists with yoga, gymnastics, even HIIT or strength training. With things such as mountain runners, burpees, ring rows or even the good old dumbbell renegade rows.

Activations are static holds performed to connect the body before starting the practice. Example: Static Beast Hold, Static Crab Hold, and Limb Lifts.

Form Specific Stretches are full body stretches that start in an animal form and then move through a wide range of motion. This increases mobility and flexibility throughout the entire body. Examples include the Ape Reach, Beast Reach, Crab Reach and Scorpion Reach.

Traveling Forms are exercises that mimic the movements of animals. Starting with the “ABCs” – Ape, Beast and Crab, these movements are full body conditioning moves. The traveling forms are essentially how we move like animals to improve the function of the human animal. This helps improve our own personal range of motion whilst elevating the heart rate. This component is a good way to strengthen and condition.

Switches are dynamic movements that are performed one after the other, creating the “flow” of Animal Flow. You can transfer from one form to another, or repeat the same one as a drill. Examples include the many variations for underswitches, side kickthroughs, front kickthroughs, and scorpions. Which the team here at RFT have experienced with the lovely Eva the other day and felt the full effect of the intensity this style of training consists of.

Flow your Flow is where the real magic happens. You’ll combine the Animal Flow moves by linking them together in a fluid sequence, seamlessly transferring energy from one move to the next. Flows may be a choreographed sequence practiced over multiple sessions, or may be created freestyle. Either way you will experience the benefits of animal flow through better ROM and increased flexibility as well as heart rate. Helping and improving our cardiovascular system as we exercise.

This new style of training/moving is based on and helps improve natural development of basics human functionality. It is basically playtime for adults. Our new animal flow class runs every Thursday morning at 6am with the lovely Eva. Why not give it a go and spice your week up a little!

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