I think there is so much more to being physically fit..

We want everyone to have a clear understanding on how we program and why. Have you ever noticed the way our timetable works? There is strength, conditioning and yoga.

WHY? What is the point of being strong if you can’t even reach your toes, what is the point of being flexible if you can’t even lift your own body weight, what is the point of being fit if your not strong or mobile.

It is such a great feeling being mobile, strong and fit all at the same time. It helps you function better, look better and most importantly feel better.

We encourage you if you haven’t tried a yoga class, strongman or conditioning class to do so. If you have never done yoga or have done it once and really did not find it your “thing” try again. You need to give it time because I was exactly the same and now look at me I am teaching it. I use to always be about go, go, go, lift heavy, run fast and yoga was way to slow for my liking. What??! I had to be left alone with my own thoughts for a whole hour??

BUT thats exactly what I actually needed. I needed to slow down. I needed to become more mindful, I needed that balance in my life. The calmness, the letting go, the opening of the joints which was helping me let go of all the anger, frustrations, fear, and sadness that I was holding onto.
The Yin to the Yang.

Yoga has helped me reduce my anxiety, which has encouraged me to be more mindful and conscious of me, eating slowly, eating less, completely changed my body tone and shape, core strength and less injuries
(I use to have to go and see a chiro and acupuncturist every 2nd week and I have not been for over a year)

When we created the Yoga and meditation space we wanted to create a space completely free from judgment where you could be an absolute beginner and inflexible but still feel comfortable, encouraged and receive the many benefits that yoga provides.

We all have to start some where, this is exactly how I started, whilst travelling and practicing yoga all over the world in some places I saw a kind of stigma around how good you were. I wanted to create a humbling and inviting studio in which definitely could challenge you but also motivate and inspire you to do the best that you could do on that day.

I ask you to give it a good go, constant and consistent, one month, once a week. This will help you feel the countless benefits yoga has to offer.

Mobility is a way of life.

If your in the Hills District or close to the Hills District we are currently offering $20 for 10 days for any NEW students or you may look at our many different yoga options.

If you are a member of our personal training programs this is for free so please come and join us. If you are not close to us, trial some classes close to you and start feeling better again.


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