The Amazing RFT Group Exercise Classes!

At Real Fitness Training, we pride ourselves on not only the quality of our 1 on 1 personal training and Semi Private training services, but also our group exercise classes.

Why do people rave about our group classes? Firstly, variety. We have a range of classes suited to all types and goals. Community, our clients LOVE training amongst like minded people (and having some fun at the same time). Lastly, they are time based. That means you can work to your pace within the given time frame.

So here is a quick rundown of our group exercise classes:


This high energy 45 min class is fast and furious from go to whoa! It is a Tabata style workout, meaning the efforts are 20 seconds long with 10 seconds rest between. 10 stations set out with 6 efforts at each means some serious ‘bang for your buck!’ Short, sharp, intense efforts have been shown to increase fat burning by elevating the metabolism post workout. This is ideal for those with fat loss goals! You’ll pair up with a friend or someone of similar capability and rip into it!

Core +

We all should aim to have a strong pillar! The core, and the muscles that make up the core are extremely important for not just training purposes but for everyday life. Core+ will help to strengthen your deep core muscles, get you in tune with your body via breath and control, and assist in creating a stable foundation. All important factors inside and outside the gym!

Fighting Fit

Grab some boxing gloves, grab a partner, and unleash! This is a boxing class like no other! Fighting Fit will improve your conditioning, muscular endurance and aerobic capacity. Set to the instructors timer, this gives each participant ample time to learn the combinations and ‘feel the burn.’ You may even come across some sneaky push ups, squats and lunges, just to ensure the entire body is firing! If you’re looking to burn some calories while improving your fitness, get to this class asap!


This mid-morning banger will certainly deliver the goods! At a slightly longer effort of 45 seconds, H.I.T.T45 will challenge you to maintain a high output over a challenging time frame. Those looking to increase cardio output, burn calories and have a blast while doing so, should make this a priority on their hump day training plan!


This Wednesday night doozy is just what the doctor ordered to close out your Wednesday! With intervals of 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off, this is also designed to create a fat burning effect post workout. You will also pair up with a buddy and push each other along the way!


The masses asked for it, and so we delivered! An early morning Tabata style class for the early birds! This is a take on Stacked30 which again, will provide a tremendous fat burning effect post workout. 20 seconds of maximum effort on 10 second recovery. What more could you want to kickstart your Thursday morning?!


So the weekend has arrived and you may think it’s time to relax?? WRONG! Saturday morning StrongHuman is the place to be! This one is so popular we had to open ip another one! Kick your weekend off right by coming along to this resistance based circuit. Grab a buddy and pair up for 12 stations of strength and conditioning! You’ll work to the timer for 2 minutes 45 seconds with 15 seconds to change stations. Whether you’re looking to increase strength, improve your conditioning, want to learn proper technique or just love a well structured strength based class, this on his a must for all!

We at RFT can’t recommend highly enough that I clients get amongst the action of our group classes. No matter the experience, ability or even if there is slight injuries, our classes can be tailored to anyone and everyones needs and goals!

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