At RFT, we pride ourselves on offering a service like no other. One often overlooked aspect of a clients program is what we call, Fast Tack.

Why is it called Fast Track? Clients can use this service either before or after their PT session, or in some cases, on days in-between their PT session to achieve their weekly movement goals. This can FAST TRACK your progress, meaning you give yourself the best opportunity of reaching your goal sooner!

So what are the benefits? Why do we recommend clients do their Fast Track?

Firstly, sticking around for let’s say, 30 mins after your training session, is another opportunity to get 30 mins worth of movement in. You’re already at the gym, so why not? For example, if you’re behind on your steps for the day, a 30 min walk will certainly help you get up to where you need to be. This can only be a good thing for your health goal!

What about your L.I.S.S cardio (low intensity steady state)? Most of, if not all, clients should have a weekly target of low intensity cardio to hit each week. Utilising your Fast Track to complete this on various machines is a great way to ensure that these numbers are met. Again, this will only have a positive effect on you and help push you towards your goal!

Got a fat loss goal? A stint of steady state cardio  may enhance fat burning. If we keep our heart rate at a low to moderate level (around 130bpm as a guide), we give ourselves an opportunity to tap into fat stores.

Lastly, and what I think could be the most important benefit, is your Fast Track gives you more time in the RFT community. More time outside of your session with like minded people. Research suggests that surrounding yourself with people of similar goals/interests has nothing but a positive impact on your mindset and thus, your goal. Have a chat to others who are on a similar journey as yourself while you burn some extra calories or get some extra steps in. It’s a ‘win win.’ Alongside that, you’ll be around multiple coaches at any one time. You can take advantage of their encouragement and advice and use the opportunity to ask any questions should you have some. We are more than happy to assist!

So if you haven’t really made use of our Fast Track service as yet, please have a chat to your trainer and ask how it can be incorporated into your weekly training plan. As the name suggests, it could be just what you need to get you to your result… faster!

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