Right now, your exercise world has been flipped on its head. With gyms everywhere closing for the time being, it can be more challenging than ever to get that ‘pump and sweat’ on. And if you’re someone that craves it each and every week, maybe each and every day, this current situation is possibly doing your head in!

Don’t let it! Not just for your own sanity, but for your health! Regular exercise can boost your immune system, rather important right now don’t you think? Aside from that, it will keep you in a routine. If we are maintaining our exercise habits, we are more than likely maintaining our nutritional habits, our sleep habits, our hydration habits, all those things that we would be focusing on because we know that if we don’t, our training and results may suffer.

So how can we go about it during times of what can seem like extreme limitations?

Well, firstly you need to think outside the box. Open your mind. A chair can provide a workout. Or maybe a set of stairs. Or those old 5kg dumbbells you have lying around since television went to colour. There are always possibilities.

If you’re someone that requires a little more structure, perhaps you might investigate some personal training? This is still a great option for people to continue their health journey, regardless of the gym being shut.

Let’s break it down.

You could have a trainer meet with you online. Train you from the comfort of your own home. This method is becoming more and more popular nowadays and is achieving remarkable results. With so many ways to communicate like Skype, Zoom or even FaceTime, there is still an opportunity to meet with your trainer to not only train, but set goals and still be held accountable to those goals. I often think people are a little apprehensive about training from home because they feel it won’t be the same, or won’t get as much out of it. Rest assured, the clients at Real Fitness Training can vouch for the opposite!

Maybe you still prefer that face to face training? You might consider some sessions utilising mobile PT. Have a trainer came and train you at home, (for now, just the two of you of course). This is a classic option for those wanting that interaction. The trainer brings the equipment, puts you through your paces, discusses your week, offers advice to assist you with your goals then leaves! So convenient!

Lastly, maybe you just want to do a class here or there at your leisure? There are services out there that will allow you to log in and view daily workouts as you please. Get them done in your own time, whenever suits you! This will not only provide flexibility, but allow you to maintain a routine. And as I mentioned above, that is what is possibly the MOST important thing!

There you have it. Three amazing ways to keep your body moving during this ‘ gym lockdown.’ RFT has developed all the right systems to keep you going during this time, we have all 3 options available for you with the coaches you have grown to know and trust. We have made it simple to use but also so effective! Join our amazing RFT Virtual Community and start feeling like yourself again.

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Remember, consistency is key! Although these may be trying times, it’s times like these can we can truly shine! Fighting through adversity will not only develop you physically, but mentally as well! Picture how good it will feel to come out the other side of this with an even stronger mindset and muscles to match! 🙂

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