Jacquie’s ResultsTripled her strength & Fitness10kg loss70cm total girth loss6% BF Loss with 22cms of that just around her waist!Best of all she is still achieving as we speak!My journey back to health began in March 2017. I was sick of feeling sluggish and gaining weight. I had hit the ‘big five O’ 2 years ago and was getting nowhere in regards to weight loss.I had hit the ‘big five O’ 2 years ago and was getting nowhere in regards to weight loss. I belonged to a gym but it was so easy for me to just not go, and they didn’t seem bothered. I already have high blood pressure and a fatty liver and have been asthmatic all my life. I didn’t want to follow in my parent’s footsteps and end up with osteoporosis or suffer a stroke. ‘I belonged to a gym but it was so easy for me to just not go, and they didn’t seem bothered.’Enter Google. I thought I’d try yoga, so googling ‘yoga in the Hills district’, Real Fitness Training (RFT) popped up. I looked at their website, read some reviews and continued my search but I kept going back to RFT. So one day I just decided enough was enough, today was the day I start getting my health back. I walked in and spoke to Mitchell and signed up for a trial week. From the moment I walked in I felt comfortable, not intimidated at all. Since that day I have been having 2 personal training sessions a week, as well as yoga and group classes. Everyone, my PT, the whole RFT team and all members are so friendly, supportive and encouraging. I feel like I would not only be letting myself down if I didn’t go, but everyone at RFT. I actually enjoy going. I enjoy the challenge of strength training, and although I find cardio hard, hey I’m getting results. I feel so much better within myself. I’m happier, stronger and 10 kilos lighter. I’m eating better, making healthier food choices. My head is no longer ‘foggy’. I have more energy. I can concentrate again, all thanks to RFT. My journey continues but with the continued support and encouragement of the RFT family, and my own family and friends, the road will be a bit easier. I can’t thank the RFT family enough, especially my PT Nathan who keeps challenging and pushing me, for helping me on this journey. On a lighter note, I’m enjoying shopping for new clothes. -Jacquie WestReal Fitness Training is an educational personal training studio focusing on long term sustainable results for our clients. We have been helping 1000s gain back their health, energy, and achieving amazing results. We are located in the heart of the Hills District which includes the surrounding suburbs of Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Kellyville, Bella Vista, Castle Hill, Cherrybrook, Glenorie, West Pennant Hills, Glenwood and Rouse Hill. Our services include personal training, semi-private personal training, yoga, education, meditation and nutrition. We have been creating optimal lifestyles since 2013. If you are looking for the right guidance, support, accountability, and motivation look no further then Real Fitness Training. We have created a non-intimdating environment where everyone cares about you and your results. Contact us today if you are looking for a result like Jacquie’s.*Results may vary from person to person. Proper nutrition and movement is essential to losing and maintaining weight loss.

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